Unfortunately George's spot has been sold and demolished by the owner. Such a pity. It was part of the character of Port Nolloth!!!!! We are however retaining the article for memory sake and as a reminder of what has been . . . .




He is a tough oke, a humble ou, SA Navy Diver, Diamond Diver, boat builder, writer, photographer, videographer, actor, producer, 60 years old (2012), all in one, one time. He IS George Moyses, and he lives in Port Nolloth. He used to be a good looking guy, until a boat propeller altered his features. He was sent to hotel school to make something of his life, and he ended up under water ........ one time! 

George Moyses - Port Nolloth.








George lives next to the slipway in MacDougalls Bay, Port Nolloth, in a little self-made museum and exhibition house that drips of the sea, diving and old diver sayings. He walks where he wants to be, still dives actively when there are "sea days", and spends the rest of his time writing books and making videos based on his experiences. A visit to Port Nolloth and MacDougalls Bay is not complete without paying George a visit, and buying something from him, or just putting a dime in his box for photos taken


George has a variety of books and DVD's available for sale that he has compiled from material collected over the years - mainly by himself. I have seen some material from the DVDs and it is awesome stuff. 

He is a colourfull character and a good man - straight down the line and one of those gems of the Diamond Coast.

Note - George is currently not operating the Port Nolloth Museum anymore as the museum seems to be permanently closed due to reasons that make local people boil . . . . . 





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