Unfortunately this beautifull board that was situated next to the harbour is no more - it has been vandalized and eventually removed. We captured it however before that. This is now the only reminder of what was. The artwork is excellent and the information valuable.  

This article is based on the information board erected in the harbour area of Port Nolloth. All credit goes to the designers and writers who composed the contents, art and information on the board.

Although the board is there for everyone to see, many people will never be in a position to appreciate the art and contents, because they might not visit Port Nolloth. For others the wind might be too strong or the kids might want an icecream when they are in a position to view the board.

We hope therefore that in the comfort of your home or office you will appreciate this wonderful art and descriptive content!

The picture of the De Beers Captains Corner behind high security fencing (top left), and the solemn warning that appears on the board in the late 1990's (top right), is in a sense symbolic of the current turmoil surrounding the mining industry in Namaqualand. One wonders how much attention has been paid to the last phrase in the paragraph above: " .... and an alternative source of income will be needed for this region."?



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