Museum Corner in Port Nolloth

It is sad to have to say that the museum as described here has been closed indefinitely. We are retaining the article though for historical purposes. It was closed in September 2018 for "renovations" and is still closed today, 23 January 2020. The renovations have been completed long ago, but between the owner of the property and the Richtersveld municipality they seem not to be able to find a way to re-open it.

The hard work of Grazia De Beer has thus been eradicated, and tourists are being deprived of visiting a facility where they could learn lots about Port Nolloth and its history, and of speaking with the interesting George Moyses

Commercial Diver Outfit Port Nolloth Museum

"Grazia de Beer initiated the Port Nolloth Museum. Her deep interest in the history, culture and environment of Port Nolloth and the Richtersveld resulted in the opening of the Port Nolloth Museum. She conducted research on various topics relating to the area and collected numerous artifacts and old pictures. In order to share the knowledge with the public, Grazia opened the Port Nolloth Museum"

Port Nolloth Museum

Grazia de Beer Port Nolloth Museum

Front view of the Port Nolloth Museum


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