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Although not a big town, many services and shops are available to residents and tourists.


Gifts and nice things Located between Bedrock Lodge and the museum

Die Ou Ou Skuur Port Nolloth Gift Shop

Tel     +27763296840

Beach Road, Port Nolloth

Die Ou Ou Skuur

Geskenkwinkel / Gift Shop
Outboard repairs
and commercial
diving services
Port Nolloth Outboard and Salvage -

e-mail ; webpage

Groceries Usave, Spar and various cafes and convenience stores can supply you with all the necessary items.
Butcheries The WAARHEID SLAGHUIS is one of those butcheries where you can get real personal attention and quality meat.
Firewood / charcoal No need to bring any along! Various shops do sell it. We prefer to buy our wood from the One Way bottle store behind the Scotia hotel, because we have never had problems with wet wood from them!
Bottle stores We prefer the one referred to above, because there is ample parking, it is a quiet area and they do not allow beggars to hang around outside and harass you. Open 09h00 till 20h00. Closed on Sundays. There are also Tops across the road from Spar and another one in the main road.
Engine repairs
There are two service centres in town that can help you:  Tyremart and another one across the road from the Kontantwinkel hardware shop.
Hardware Kontantwinkel (that is the name of the hardware shop) and Mica both carry good ranges.
Gas Port Gas, down the road from the only 3-way stop in the main road, stock a nice variety of gas appliances, and can refill cadac cylinders. They also supply Handygas bottles.
Fuel There is one filling station, Engen, in town on the Alexander Bay road. The closest alternative when they run out of fuel is Steinkopf or Alexander Bay, both 90 kms away. To avoid getting stuck in Port Nolloth it is better to arrive here with a relatively full tank.
Didi's stationery supply shop next to the Scotia hotel can provide you with those services
Furniture We have an OK Bazaar and a Furnmart in town
Pep Stores and various smaller clothing shops can supply you with a good variety. The Engen garage also sells some hunter type clothing and jackets. Do not however expect to find gucci class clothing here.
Cell phones There is a good cell phone shop directly across the road from Spar. PEP Stores also deal in cell phones
Made in China The China shop diagonally across the road from Spar, as well as the one across the road from King's cafe on the Main Road, deal in a wide variety of this, that and everything.


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