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Last updated on Saturday 26 November 2011

We are posting links here to general websites pertaining to our area of operation. A good number of them are outdated, or lack detail, but as an overview of the area they are really useful. The tedious Google searches for meaningful websites giving substantial and up to date information about Northern Namaqualand and the Richtersveld urged us to establish a webring of sites that will meet the above criteria.

Contact details and current road conditions are 2 areas of information that are not very well maintained in the bulk of the current websites. We also found that the peak of interest for the Richtersveld Community Conservancy was around 2008, but that is where the relevant websites got stuck.

In order to keep the webring that we are working on current and up to date, any recent information given through to us by residents and travellers will be appreciated, and merged with the websites where applicable.


Diamond Coast Website Link

"Experience the beauty and mystique of the Diamond Coast with its rich cultural diversity and mineral mining"


Link to Namaqualand.com

Namaqualand! 100% big sky country.

Namaqualand Information Link

"our land of everchanging colour and beauty"


Northern Cape Tourism Authority (NCTA) link

The official website of the Northern Cape Tourism Authority

Richtersveld National Park Info Logo

"unique mountain desert wilderness"


Richtersveld Municipality Link

Richtersveld Municipality

Richtersveld World Heritage Site

"a desert frontier for adventurers, wanderers at heart"


Explore the Richtersveld

A World Heritage Site

North South Richtersveld Route

Richtersveld Route

Port Nolloth Business Portal

Port Nolloth Business Portal


The Striped Mouse - History of Namaqualand

History of Namaqualand





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