Port Nolloth Outboard and Salvage

outboard repairs and commercial diving

High Tech Equipment - Excellent Experience - Appropriate Qualifications - Proven Track Record


Cobus Cell: 083 234 6449

Louwrence Cell: 079 884 8202

Fax: 027 851 8573

Email: cobus.vanbaalen@gmail.com

Company Profile

Brief Description

We are very practical minded, therefore we are very good at problem solving. We have built our company around our capability as problem solvers and has been very successful in our line of work as Shipwrights, Outboard Engine Technician, Diesel Mechanic and Commercial Divers that specializes in Underwater Boat Repair, Salvage and Construction. We have 32 years combined commercial diving experience. We have been servicing and repairing petrol and diesel engines since 1999 and outboard engines since 2004.


Cobus van Baalen: Class II Commercial Diver & Supervisor

Master Decompression Chamber Operator

Outboard Engine Technician


Louwrence Botha : Class II Commercial Diver

Class III Supervisor

Diesel Mechanic with Petrol experience


Company Experience:

  • 2500+ Outboard Engines repaired and serviced

  • 12 Years Diesel and Petrol engine experience

  • 37 Boats repaired or reconstructed

  • Proficient in traditional and modern caulking techniques

  • Excellent in Fibreglass construction and repairs

  • Experienced in removal of prop-shafts and insertion of dummy shafts under water

  • Experienced in the sealing of glands and intakes so that repairs can be done

  • Experienced in the repair of stern tubes above and below water

  • Experienced in rudder removal for pintle replacement or reconstruction

  • Experienced in the changing of all types of anodes

  • Proficient in parts design

  • Proficient in systems design of both plant and diving equipment

  • Experience in overhead crane dismantling

  • Proficient in rigging(not qualified)

  • Proficient in the repair, service and commissioning of marine diesel engines

  • Experienced in engineering of marine drive trains

  • Working knowledge of hydraulic systems design and repair

  • Proficient in carpentry

  • Proficient in VHF radio ,radar ,GPS systems and echo sounder installation

  • Experience in pipeline design, installation, commissioning and the removal, repair and

  • Re-installation of intakes and outlets above and below water

  • Proficient in small boat plant structural design and manufacture

  • Proficient in low pressure compressor repairs and installation

  • Proficient in the search and recovery of lost and sunken objects

  • Proficient in inflatable boat repair

  • Working knowledge of milling machines ,lathes ,Mig and arc welding ,gas welding

  • Brazing and silver soldering

  • Proficient n the use of oxy-acetylene, oxy-LP gas, plasma and Petrogen cutting equipment

  • Excellent n the design and manufacture of custom-made LP diving compressors and Diving systems.

  • Did salvage work on three boats with all plant and machinery recovered.(hulls were Scrapped)

  • Raised two sunken vessels with 100% equipment recovery although one were scrapped on slipway due to pre salvage hull damage.

  • Reasonably experienced in digital underwater photography (photographic support on all

  • Underwater work for De Beers Marine and Smit .

  • Installation and commissioning of all types of diving equipment on vessels.

  • Vessel survey and safety equipment consultant.

  • Under 25 ton skipper with 16 years working experience.

  • 24hr standby Master chamber operator for Alexcor and Trans Hex in Port Nolloth.

  • 24hr standby Emergency management officer for Port Nolloth Harbour.

  • Experienced in diamond diving and gravel excavation methods (19 years)

  • Experienced in managing and running of diving operations locally and abroad

  • Fluent in Afrikaans, English, Dutch and Portuguese.

  • Experienced charter skipper for scientific expeditions and surveys (8 up to date).

  • Experience in offshore methods and working conditions and act as consultant for various problem situations

  • Experience in underwater concrete casting

  • Experience in underwater construction

  • Experience in stainless steel fabrications

  • Experience in underwater hydro jetting

  • Experience in underwater broco cutting

  • Experience in underwater welding

  • Experience in underwater hydro tightening

  • Experience in underwater bedrock coring

  • Experience in underwater hull surveys, hull clean, prop shine

  • Experience in cofferdam installations

  • Experience in sea bed surveys

  • Experience in building key side ( jetty )

  • Experience in building break- water walls

  • Experience in clearing fouled propellers ( steel and fibre )

  • Experience in ship supply and parcel delivery

  • Experience in bedrock breaking ( jack hammering )

  • Experience in pipeline cleaning ( inside and outside )

  • Experience in using all types of underwater tools ( hydraulic and pneumatic )

  • Experience in light engineering works ( constructions )

  • Experience in placement of agropods ( dollos )

Facilities Available:

  • Diving equipment to support two divers up to a depth of 30 meters.

  • Fully equipped outboard repair workshop

  • All types of electrical power tools

  • All types of pneumatic power tools

  • All types of hand tools

  • Wood working specialist tools for ship repair and construction.

  • Lifting bags with total lifting capacity of 5 tons

  • Three low pressure diving compressors

  • Workshop has pneumatic capability up to10 bar for tools and equipment

  • (3 phase compressor)

  • Have access to lathes, milling machines and all types of welding and cutting plant and machinery

  • Boats available: 2 four metre dingy’s with outboards

  • 1 six metre workboat with outboard

  • 1 six metre tugboat with bollard pull of 25 tons (under construction and almost completed)

  • Salvage pumps available; 1 two inch water pump

  • 3 one inch water pumps

  • Four inch dredge pump

  • Have access to 4,6 and 8 inch pumps if need be

  • Also available is a 40 foot Sachal Tuppie for charter work and harbour operations

This is a summary of our company’s capabilities and the facilities available to clients. For

more detailed information please contact us at the abovementioned numbers. Reference

enquiries are welcome.

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