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The restaurants in Port Nolloth cater for every taste, from seafood to steak to pizza, in settings that vary from a sunny coffee shop atmosphere to tables around a swimming pool with palm trees, to a sea view to something resembling a street cafe.

Only two are licensed to sell liquor though: Mar-e-Sol on the main road, with tables outside as well literally on the sidewalk, and the hotel restaurant (Scotia), with tables outside around the swimming pool. You are free to bring your own drinks to the other two: Vespetti and Nemo's, both of which have an excellent sea view with tables outside.

Be warned though - do not expect all of them to be open every day during normal eating hours, including evenings, with the exception of the hotel restaurant, which is only closed on Sundays between 15h00 and 18h00. Especially during high season they tend to be closed at unexpected times. Strange and sad but true. The harvest time concept seems to be absent! Our viewpoint is simple: take a good rest when town is quiet, and put shoulder to the wheel when town has lots of visitors, thereby enhancing the experience of tourists!


The town has one pub with two pool tables and gambling machines. Quite nice - when its open! The Scotia pub, behind the Scotia hotel and next to the best liquor store in town - the One Way Liqour Store. It is currently closed from Sunday to Tuesday, and opening from Wednesday to Saturday at 4 pm. Unless, of course, there's load shedding!  Around Christmas and New Year they tend to be open on Mondays and Tuesdays as well.

The Scotia hotel has a pub inside as part of its restaurant, which is open most of the time except on Sundays between 15h00 and 18h00.

There are  taverns  / shebeens, one in the more coloured Nollothville and one in the predominantly black Sizamele, although I will not recommend you to go there!!


You will find a good variety of take-aways in town. Do not expect Nandos, Kentucky or Macdonals though!


Although all of the restaurants offer sea food on the menu, you must not expect it to be fresh from the sea! Apart from black mussels on the coastline, the only fresh from the sea items that you can buy in town in season are snoek and crayfish. Locate the old fish facory at the redundant jettys and buy from the fish shop on its premises. Also leave your fishing rods at home - unless you want to go fishing at the Orange River mouth, 90 km from here at Alexander Bay.



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