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Last updated on 16 June 2013

Northern Namaqualand offers more than just Quiver trees and Gemsbok. Clear skies and bright stars are part of the package! With the low level of light pollution it often seems that one can touch the stars if you reach up! Being able to identify some of the planets and constellations makes the experience just so much more fun.

With the tools on this page you will be able to easily do just that!

Click here to visit the AstroViewer website 

 Below is an image of the sky above the Port Nolloth area right now according to AstroViewer


The image of the night sky as seen above is just the start of what AstroView has to offer! The Mini-AstroViewer gives you the ability to select your location, zoom in, pan and to get info on star and planetary objects. Click on the link below to experience it! The link will open as a new window.

Please enable JAVATM to use the Mini-AstroViewer night sky map.


Below are actual screenshots taken from the tools referred to in the main body of this page

Scorpius, or The Scorpion, is one of my favourite constellations often visible at night. It is depicted above with Mercury just above it.

Another favourite is Orion, the Warrior, with at its center the Three Sisters, extended into what is also known in Afrikaans as "Die Pot en die Lepel"

The Moon, Venus and Neptune in close proximity to each other above Springbok on Tuesday 28 December 2011, 20h10.


Below is an image of the sky above the Port Nolloth area right now according to Your Sky



Miss this one and you will be confused like you can't believe it when you compare the maps to the sky above you!!!!!! 

East and West are inverted (the "wrong" way round ) on the maps. WHY? It is because you are suppose to lie on your back with your head towards the North and have the map between you and the sky when you look at it!!. That will place East and West in the correct positions.



Click on this link to see the same picture as above, but with interactive functionality like zooming in and getting object information

The Current Time and Location in the Port Nolloth area are already set.


Sutherland is part of Namaqualand, and it houses one of the best Observatories in the world.

People from Namaqualand do not only look down at the flowers, they also look up at the stars.



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