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Local Government

Last updated on Saturday 26 November 2011

The Richtersveld Municipality is made up of a main branch in Port Nolloth and four satellite offices, namely Kuboes, Lekkersing, Sanddrift and Eksteenfontein.

The Bigger Picture

In 1994 the Cape Province was split up into 3 entities:

Western Cape
Eastern Cape
Northern Cape (with Kimberley as capital)

Northern Cape Province

The Northern Cape Province in turn is subdivided into 5 district munisipalities:

Namakwa (with Springbok as capital)
Pixley ka Seme
Frances Baard
John Taolo Gaetsewe

Namakwa District Municipalities

The Namakwa District Municipality is subdivided into 6 local municipalities:

Richtersveld (Port Nolloth)
Nama Khoi
Karoo Hoogland

Richtersveld Local Municipality


Wikipedia, the free electronic encyclopedia on the internet, offers an excellent overview of the Northern Cape and it's subdivision into the different levels of municipalities. Click here or on the emblem to read more about it.



The Richtersveld Municipality

Official website of the municipality: Richtersveld Municipality

Municipal code NC061

Municipal Office Contacts

Port Nolloth (Head Office)

Tel: (027) 851 1111

Fax: (027) 851 1101


Tel/Fax: (027) 831 2375


Tel/fax: (027) 831 1457


Tel:/Fax: (027) 851 8619


Tel: (027) 851 8580

Fax: (027) 851 7097




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Richtersveld Municipality Seal

Richtersveld Municipality